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Aldi Feels the Burden of Supermarketisation

 Aldi Feels the Burden of Supermarketisation
Photo: LZ Retailytics
By extending its product lines, Aldi is facing more complexity and higher costs.

Supermarketisation, becoming more like a supermarket, is the way that leading discount store operators have chosen to reignite sales growth, above all Aldi. But along with a deeper range and more fresh products come higher costs.

Aldi has already felt this, and seen its number of employees per store grow significantly. So, for a potential boost in sales, is it worth all the added complexity?

After all, other than Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord in Germany has already put a stop on range extensions. Instead, weekly in-and-out brand promotions are being favoured, singling out potential new permanent listings. In the meantime, stores are being extended, obviously to house wider ranges.

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