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Amazon Introduces Virtual Dash Buttons

Virtual Dash buttons
Photo: Amazon
Amazon's virtual Dash buttons provide Prime members with another frictionless way to reorder their favourite FMCG and health & beauty products.

Amazon has introduced virtual dash buttons to its mobile app, allowing its Prime members to reorder favourite products quickly and easily.  Just like using a physical Dash Button device at home, these virtual shortcuts allow shoppers to rapidly find and reorder FMCG and health & beauty products that they have bought in the past. The buttons are personalised and shoppers may add as many as they wish.

Virtual Dash buttons are available for millions of products that are eligible for Prime delivery (i.e. orders that are sold or fulfilled by Amazon). Mobile shoppers can see Dash buttons in the accounts section of the Amazon app and add buttons for their favourite products from the product pages.

Virtual Dash buttons are personalised and available exclusively to Amazon Prime members using the mobile app.
Virtual Dash buttons are personalised and available exclusively to Amazon Prime members using the mobile app.


Frictionless Transactions

This may be a small addition to Amazon’s mobile app, but it is another way in which the retailer is making life easier for customers and rewarding its loyal Prime members with additional products and services.

Virtual Dash buttons will serve as a reminder to shoppers to buy their everyday items from Amazon, as they can now do so with a single touch and the ability to set up as many virtual buttons as they wish free of charge. This makes regular products more visible on a mobile and for many shoppers it is preferable to having plastic buttons stuck everywhere around the house.

Frictionless experiences and impulse purchase are the end goal of most of Amazon’s recent initiatives, both online and offline. Voice ordering is set to change the way that we shop online and in our opinion, it is set to have as big an impact as mobile has over the past few years. Stores are also not safe from Amazon’s disruption. Last week in Seattle the retailer finally opened its Amazon Go convenience store using Just Walk Out technology, which is based around computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning. Technology-wise it is highly complex but for shoppers the experience is simple. They simply download the app, scan a QR to enter the store, shop and walk out. Notification of purchases are then received via mobile after leaving the store.

We anticipate that Amazon’s full year results, out later this week, are likely to demonstrate a highly successful year as the company continues to give shoppers what they want – a straightforward, convenient and frictionless experience that keeps them coming back. Meanwhile the rest of the market scrambles to adapt in Amazon's wake. 

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