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Russia: Local Discounters Challenge X5 and Magnit

Local Russian discounters are strongly anchored in their home turf in Siberia. National leaders X5 and Magnit, with standard commercial concepts and increasing logistics costs face major challenges as they expand in the region.
Topics: Magnit Okey Maria Ra X5 Retail Group Torgservis

How to Win Convenience: Lessons from the UK

Photo: LZ Retailytics
How to win in convenience: what can we learn from the UK, the undoubted paragon of minimarkets?
Topics: The Co-operative Tesco

Premiumisation of German Drugstores

In the German drugstore channel, we are currently experiencing a development akin to the European trend of supermarketisation – a strategy to drive higher sales densities in increasingly saturated markets. What does this change?
Topics: Rossmann dm

Spain: Seeking a Challenger to Mercadona

Spain is one of the most fragmented grocery markets in Western Europe. Yet, its market leader, Mercadona, records a market share as high as the next four largest grocers combined. Can anyone challenge the Spanish giant?
Topics: Carrefour Covirán Dia Eroski Mercadona