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Carrefour Multiplies Own Brands

Carrefour Marcas Blancas 2017
Photo: Carrefour
Carrefour Spain introduced four new private label lines centered around household goods and consumer electronics.

Carrefour is launching four new exclusive non-food private label lines in Spain. The own brands include products advertised for their innovation and design properties. The Poss brand is dedicated to high tech products and accessories; Klindo for everyday household goods (e.g. ironing boards); Mandine for kitchenware; and Nalk&Rey for health & beauty appliances (hairdryers, shavers etc). 

LZ Retailytics notes that the lines have already been introduced to a number of European markets and should ultimately be distributed globally. Further, Carrefour is also currently introducing a new private label line for garden furniture & accessories dubbed Hyba. 


Strategy Goes Retro

This product category-based branding confirms the U-turn on its private label unification strategy introduced over a decade ago. With the exception of iconic lines such as Tex (fashion) or regional product line Reflets de France and the likes, most private label items were gathered under the Carrefour brand umbrella (Carrefour, Carrefour Discount, Carrefour Home, Carrefour Baby...).

As much as unified branding ensures product visibility and therefore sales with limited effort, category own-brands give shoppers the illusion of choice while giving the retailer more flexibility to differentiate from competition beyond prices, particularly in terms of innovation and exclusives. Their mid-range positioning could also revitalise sales in key categories, something particularly relevant for hypermarkets' ailing non-food sales. We feel the challenge for Carrefour will be to keep the brands alive in the store going forward. 

Carrefour is not the only retailer which has curbed its umbrella private label strategy in the area of health & beauty and non-food to strengthen the perceived expertise of its products. Staying among French hypermarket operators, we can think of competitor Auchan which rolled out dedicated lines such as Cosmia for Health & Beauty, or introduced Qilive for consumer electronics & household appliances. Auchan's commitment has reached new heights as it is developing standalone stores for its In Extenso fashion private label line in Romania and Russia... A pledge to its own brand only a few retailers have been prepared to do so far. 
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