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Discounter Battles in Poland

LZ Retailytics Report "Discounter Battles in Poland"
Photo: LZ
David against Goliath in Poland: How Lidl pushes is pushing Biedronka into to pursue an upmarket strategy and in a price war at the same time.
Discounters in Poland are increasingly evolving their formats towards the supermarket model. But not all of the key players – Biedronka, Lidl, Aldi Nord and Netto – will be able to keep up with shifting consumer preferences. With shoppers expecting a broader choice of branded items and higher product quality, all channel players have increased their SKU count by up to 50% in recent years. As a result, the latest store concepts are more advanced than in many Western countries.

The larger share of branded items has made the discount model vulnerable to promotional attack from other channels. Therefore, market leader Biedronka and follower Lidl are working to reinvent their sales concepts in a head to head race, while simultaneously battling for price leadership. Long-established Aldi Nord, the latecomer in this new game of supermarketisation, is moving fast, but without a realistic chance to gain a position of importance at a national level.

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