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German Drugstores Conquer Europe

German Drugstores Conquer Europe
Photo: LZ Retailytics
Facing ongoing saturation in their home market, German drugstore operators are searching for growth opportunities overseas.

In late September, German drugstore operator Rossmann entered Kosovo, its sixth foreign market. As the German health & beauty market becomes increasingly saturated, German specialists are searching for growth opportunities beyond their borders. Retail sales figures show that turnover is shifting slowly but steadily from home to international markets.

It appears that the Germans move east when it comes to expansion. To the west of their home base, however, these players have not yet put down roots. One of the reasons could be that the German drugstore concept is not as common. Other formats have also taken on the role of providing affordable health & beauty products. Ongoing saturation will probably lead to more market entries, even in locations that appear to be particularly challenging.

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