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Ica Gruppen Offers Halloween Vegetables for Kids

Ica Gruppen's Halloween range
Photo: Ica Gruppen
The 12 SKU range includes such items as troll noses (potatoes), zombie brains (cauliflower) and witches' fingers (purple carrots).

The Swedish grocery leader, Ica Gruppen, has created a monster themed range of fruit and vegetables for Halloween. The 12 SKU range contains such items as troll noses (potatoes), zombie brains (cauliflower) and witches fingers (purple carrots). It will be available for three weeks including Halloween.

The retailer will also support the initiative with store marketing material to inspire its shoppers further. This is aimed at making it easier for parents to persuade their children to eat more healthily, especially during a confectionery-focused holiday like Halloween.

According to the retailer, 75 tons of purple carrots and 50 tons of blue potatoes (a.k.a. spider bodies) have been cultivated especially for Ica’s Halloween assortment.


Well-Timed Brand Building

It’s that time of year again when my news feed gets spammed by stories about Norwegian retailers fighting to offer the lowest kilo prices on bulk candy. Therefore, it’s all the more refreshing to see an initiative like Ica Gruppen’s and I’m sure many Swedish parents agree. At a time when they are the most aware of their children’s unhealthy eating habits, Ica Gruppen steps in and reminds them of its healthy eating focus. And the initiative is brilliantly executed with plenty of imagination, marketing support and new, dedicated products. This attention to detail and differentiation is one of the reasons why Ica Gruppen is the Swedish grocery leader and such a strong brand today.

Perhaps the Swedish grocer was inspired by Lidl UK’s Oaklands series launched last year but expanded only a couple of days ago. This regular range comprises small-sized vegetables with packaging comparing the items to something more fun. Minicarrots become unicorn horns, mini Romanesco is sold as Romanesaurus Rex and cauliflower as clouds (not zombie brains this time).

Changing the packaging to send an emotional or seasonal marketing message like Ica Gruppen and Lidl could be costly but potentially also increase the sales of an existing product. At the same time, the goodwill effect on the retailer brand is probably an even bigger motivation. After all, packaging is one of the most visual differentiators at a grocery retailer’s disposal. We therefore think other retailers could learn something from these two examples in their pursuit to claim a certain USP in shoppers’ minds. 

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