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Multichannel Retailers and the Online Dilemma

Multichannel Retailers and the Online Dilemma
Photo: LZ Retailytics
Europe’s multichannel leaders will generate most of their sales growth online over the next 5 years. What are the implications?
The online channel is growing at a rapid rate across Europe. As big box sales stagnate, a multichannel strategy is essential for retailers to reach new customers and grow sales volumes. However, for some of Europe’s leading retailers more than 50% of growth over the next five years is forecast to come from the online channel.

This data proves that multichannel strength is no longer optional in leading markets and it’s an opportunity that retailers and suppliers must be prepared to optimise. However, with the higher costs for retailers of picking, packing and last-mile delivery, relying on online could also prove to be a risky strategy margin-wise. This may well explain why retailers are increasingly seeking efficiencies and why leaders such as Tesco are diversifying into new channels to balance this risk more carefully.

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