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Secrets of Europe’s Most Productive Grocers

Secrets of Europe’s Most Productive Grocers
Photo: LZ Retailytics
Some grocery banners across Europe truly excel at maximizing their sales density. But why are they so productive?
Sales per square metre (also referred to as sales density) is a common measurement for success in the retail world. Some grocers across Europe really excel in this area, being way ahead of their competitors. But what is it that makes them so productive? What do they all have in common?

To answer this question LZ Retailytics compared the most productive grocery banners in Europe to figure out the secret behind their success. We discovered that all grocery channels have the potential to reach outstanding productivity, that macro and retail landscape factors give countries like the UK an edge, and that reaching a certain level of sales volume plays an important role.

When it comes to the top 10 most productive banners, they all have a proven record for reacting quickly and resolutely to changes and trends in their markets. Their common profile is that of a format specialist offering unique and constantly evolving concepts to their markets. High service orientation, private label penetration and price aggressiveness are other common traits.

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