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Agrokor: An Empire Crumbles

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Agrokor’s ownership change will reshuffle the cards in the Balkan retail sector, providing opportunities for local heroes to extend their footprint.
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Croatian Tommy Poised to Take Over Agrokor's Konzum

Croatian regional retailer Tommy may become a minority owner of Agrokor’s Konzum chain, the country’s leading grocer. As news portal Slobodna Dalmacija reveals, a Croatian supplier consortium intends to take over Konzum in cooperation with Tommy as a strategic partner.
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Agrokor Creditors Agree to New Ownership Model

Agrokor, the biggest food-to-retail conglomerate in the Balkans, intends to restructure to a holding company fully owned by its creditors. The new entity would incorporate only profitable business unit, while inherited creditor claims would be satisfied in part by equity shares.
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Agrokor Auditors Reveal Massive Losses

Croatian Agrokor Group, the largest retailer in the Balkans, yesterday disclosed its revised financial report for the years 2015 and 2016. The findings reveal massive losses as well as an inflated capital value of its major subsidiaries, with the flagship banner Konzum responsible for the lion's share.
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Mercator Moves Forward in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Slovenian retailer Mercator has been given the green light by Agrokor’s board of creditors to proceed with its plans to re-enter Bosnia and Herzegovina. Agrokor will transfer 83 Konzum stores to its Slovenian subsidiary without passing on Konzum’s liabilities towards suppliers.
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Agrokor Sells Velpro Centar in Čitluk

In the process of downsizing unprofitable operations, Agrokor has closed one of its wholesale centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The banner has been operating under the Velpro logo in Bosnia since the beginning of 2016.
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Mercator Prepares to Take Over Konzum

In the struggle to save Croatian food production-to-retail conglomerate Agrokor from default, state-commissioned trustee Ante Ramljak presented first restructuring plans to the Croation Council of Ministers. As a first step, Slovenian Mercator will take over Konzum's Bosnian operations.
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Agrokor Appoints Chief Restructuring Officer

Croatian Agrokor Group, the largest grocery retail and food manufacturing company in the Balkans, has appointed Antonio Alvarez III as its Chief Restructuring Officer. Due to increased pressure from stakeholders the retail and food production conglomerate has been forced to call in external management support to lead the company’s strategic realignment.
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