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Agrokor: An Empire Crumbles

Photo: LZ Retailytics
Agrokor’s ownership change will reshuffle the cards in the Balkan retail sector, providing opportunities for local heroes to extend their footprint.
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Croatian Tommy Poised to Take Over Agrokor's Konzum

Croatian regional retailer Tommy may become a minority owner of Agrokor’s Konzum chain, the country’s leading grocer. As news portal Slobodna Dalmacija reveals, a Croatian supplier consortium intends to take over Konzum in cooperation with Tommy as a strategic partner.
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Bingo Consolidates Market Leadership in Bosnia

Bosnian supermarket chain Bingo has increased both revenue and profitability in 2016; while former market leader Konzum has fallen into the red. Through its sustained investment in the local economy, Bingo has earned the reputation of local hero in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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