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Secrets of Europe’s Most Productive Grocers

Photo: LZ Retailytics
Some grocery banners across Europe truly excel at maximizing their sales density. But why are they so productive?
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Agecore Puts Nestlé Under Pressure

In an attempt to achieve better buying conditions, buying group Agecore reportedly considers delisting 160 items from Nestlé. Agecore is said to promises an increased amount of more effective campaigns across Europe in exchange for improved conditions.
Topics: Edeka Conad Eroski Coop (CH) Les Mousquetaires Intermarché Colruyt Group

Colruyt Launches Social App

Colruyt has launched a social app called Apporto. The app is designed to be used by less mobile customers, who can ask people to do their shopping for them.
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Colruyt Fights Hard to Defend Price Leadership

Colruyt remains the most affordable retail banner in Belgium, but pays for the price leadership with a decline in gross profit.
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Colruyt Group Introduces Digital Platform for Private Labels

Colruyt Group has launched a digital platform called Productzoeker (‘Product Finder’) providing detailed information on its private label goods. The website offers ingredient lists, nutritional information and sustainability aspects for the retailers umbrella own brands Boni Selection and Everyday.
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Colruyt and Sainsbury’s Tap into Asian Markets for Growth

Belgian’s Colruyt and Sainsbury’s in the UK are both looking to tap into growing demand for quality food in China. Colruyt has started to test the sale of private labels via Alibaba’s Tmall platform. Sainsbury’s has teamed up to supply a selection of private label lines to Dairy Farm outlets in Hong Kong.
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Colruyt Group Launches Multi-Banner Loyalty Scheme

Colruyt Group has launched a new loyalty programme. ‘Xtra Kaart’ will not only replace the previous scheme, 'Extra', which was available at the retailer's Colruyt supermarkets – but it will also supersede the loyalty cards that were provided at other Colruyt banners in Belgium. In addition, shoppers will be able to use it at other banners in the group which did not previously offer a loyalty card scheme.
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