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Unique Discounters Expand in the Nordics

Photo: LZ Retailytics
There will be more discount stores opening in the Nordics 2018-2023 than in all of Germany and France combined, LZ Retailytics forecasts.
Topics: Schwarz Group Norgesgruppen Reitangruppen Dansk Supermarked Coop Norge (NO)

Discounters: Thriving in the Toughest Markets

Europe’s toughest grocery markets have long been dominated by two retailers towering above their competitors. But now this supremacy is fading as even the largest of the power duos are forecast to lose market share to discounters.
Topics: Schwarz Group Aldi Reitangruppen Dansk Supermarked

Discount Drives Dansk Supermarked to #1 by 2019

LZ Retailytics forecasts Dansk Supermarked will become the largest grocery retailer in Denmark in 2019. Driven by expansion of its popular Netto discount banner, it will then overtake the current market leader, Coop Danmark.
Topics: Reitangruppen Dansk Supermarked Dagrofa Coop Danmark (DK)

Discounter Battles in Poland

Photo: LZ
David against Goliath in Poland: How Lidl pushes is pushing Biedronka into to pursue an upmarket strategy and in a price war at the same time.
Topics: Schwarz Group Jerónimo Martins Aldi Dansk Supermarked

LZ Retailytics Visits New Netto Sweden Concept

LZ Retailytics was invited to see Dansk Supermarked’s new Netto soft discount concept in Sweden. We met up with Netto International Concept Director Jeff Salter and Store Manager Senad Zuta at a recently converted store in Kållered, outside Gothenburg.
Topics: Dansk Supermarked

Discounter Battles in Poland

Discounters in Poland are increasingly evolving their formats towards the supermarket model. However, not all of the key players – Biedronka, Lidl, Aldi Nord and Netto – will be able to keep up with shifting consumer preferences.
Topics: Schwarz Group Jerónimo Martins Aldi Dansk Supermarked

Netto Refurbishes Stores but Chilled Remains Limited

Netto (Dansk Supermarked) is refurbishing its stores in Poland to its latest international concept. The new concept features a larger fruit & vegetables department; new bakery equipment; a remodelled 'Health Shelf'; and wider aisles, as LZ Retailytics observed during a recent store visit.
Topics: Dansk Supermarked

Netto Poland Launches Loyalty Scheme

Dansk Supermarked’s discount banner Netto has started a new loyalty initiative in Poland aimed at teaching children and parents to eat healthily, Handel Extra reports. The scheme involves a collectors album filled with puzzles and recipes and rewards in the form of game cards.
Topics: Dansk Supermarked

Dansk Supermarked Invests in Price Reductions

Denmark’s second largest grocer Dansk Supermarked is to permanently lower prices on 2,000 everyday items at its Føtex superstore banner. The initiative called føtæsk comprises both private labels and manufacturer brands, across all categories.
Topics: Dansk Supermarked

Netto Appoints Country Director for Sweden

Dansk Supermarked has chosen Anders Wennerberg as new Country Director for its Netto discount banner in Sweden. His most recent position was as Regional Director at Coop Sverige but he was also hypermarket chain director at both Coop Sverige and Ica Gruppen.
Topics: Dansk Supermarked