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Retail Cooperatives on the Decline

Photo: LZ Retailytics
Retail cooperatives are losing market share, but fare well compared to other organisation types.
Topics: Rewe Group Belkoopsoyuz E. Leclerc

Multichannel Retailers and the Online Dilemma

Europe’s multichannel leaders will generate most of their sales growth online over the next 5 years. What are the implications?
Topics: Amazon Tesco Sainsbury's E. Leclerc Casino

France: The Hypermarket Around the Corner

Photo: LZ Retailytics
Unlike other markets, the online grocery growth in France (and to a lesser extend Sweden) is fuelled by click & collect. With Drives pick-up points dotting suburban France, retailers are looking to expand their reach to urban centres.
Topics: Carrefour Louis Delhaize E. Leclerc

Hypermarkets: Big Was Beautiful

LZ Retailytics provides evidence that hypermarkets represent the second largest modern grocery retail channel in Europe. But performances vary significantly between geographies, retailers and store concepts.
Topics: Globus Carrefour E. Leclerc Schwarz Group Lenta

Private Label - The Omnichannel Secret Weapon

Grocery e-commerce may be turning various established retail habits upside down, but it seems impossible for this format to neglect private labels. In Europe, the channel holds the second largest private label share.
Topics: Amazon Tesco E. Leclerc Sainsbury's Walmart

E.Leclerc to Open 200 Organic Stores in France

French retailer E.Leclerc announced that it intends to open 200 organic stores in France. In order to achieve this target, it has established a dedicated organisation and purchasing office for these organic stores.
Topics: E. Leclerc

E.Leclerc to Launch Home Delivery in Paris

French retailer E.Leclerc will launch a grocery home delivery service in Paris in late Spring 2018. The retailer is convinced it can undercut competitors prices by 15-20% in what it considers the most expensive city in France.
Topics: E. Leclerc

E Leclerc Favours Click & Collect over Drives in Poland

Jean-Philippe Magré, Managing Director of E. Leclerc does not foresee the development of Drives in Poland but believes instead that a traditional Click & Collect service has a much better chance.
Topics: E. Leclerc

Eurelec Gets Going

Eurelec Trading, the sourcing organisation of French E. Leclerc and German Rewe Group, is stepping up its efforts to negotiate the biggest possible number of international brand suppliers. Currently Eurelec is negotiating the buying conditions for France and Germany.
Topics: Rewe Group E. Leclerc

E.Leclerc Introduces Urban Pick Up

A member of store owner cooperative E.Leclerc is experimenting with an urban pick up store in Lille (Northern France). Orders are picked from a dedicated warehouse in the suburb which supplies different collection points.
Topics: E. Leclerc