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Fozzy Group Expands with Discounting Supermarkets

Ukraine multi-format retailer Fozzy Group has revealed plans to focus its expansion efforts on its discounting supermarket banner ‘Thrash’. The company aims to add ten more stores nationwide by spring 2018 and will continue this pace of expansion throughout the rest of next year.
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ATB Targets 1,000 Stores by 2018

Ukrainian market leader ATB has disclosed plans to expand its network of discount-oriented supermarkets to 1,000 outlets by the end of 2018. The retailer plans to extend its footprint in the Western parts of the country, in Kiev and in the Odessa region, where to date it only operates a smaller number of shops.
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Fozzy Group Launches New Premium Supermarket

Ukrainian Fozzy Group has launched a new premium supermarket concept under the "Favore" logo, integrated into its Fora neighbourhood store chain. Fozzy already operates several high-end supermarkets under the LeSilpo banner.
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Fozzy Group Develops Soft-Discount Format Thrash

Ukrainian retailer Fozzy Group is set to open a credit line of USD75mn (EUR70mn) with Alpha Bank to finance the expansion of its newly developed discount-oriented Thrash banner. Part of the store network will be created through the conversion of existing Silpo stores.
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