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Grocers Bet on New Growth Channels

Drugstores, pharmacies and speciality food stores have become European grocers’ fastest growing channels while their non-food formats are struggling. But what are the drivers of this trend and will more grocers turn to new channels?
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Ica Gruppen's Year Overshadowed by Axfood's

Swedish grocery leader Ica Gruppen delivered convincing sales growth across all its grocery formats in 2017. Still, its competitor Axfood beat the grocery leader both when it comes to sales growth rates and like-for-likes.
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LZ Retailytics Visits Maxi Ica Stormarknad

LZ Retailytics was invited to visit one of Swedish grocery leader Ica Gruppen’s hypermarkets. The Maxi Ica Stormarknad store in Kungsbacka, in the southwest of Sweden, has recently revamped its fresh department and has an inspiring focus on pro-active customer service.
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Ica Gruppen to Bundle Online Grocery and Pharmacy

Ica Gruppen is to consolidate deliveries for online orders of grocery and pharmacy items. The service will be introduced as soon as technically possible, Anders Nyberg, CEO of Ica-owned pharmacy banner Apotek Hjärtat, told Swedish magazine Market.
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Ica Gruppen to Open Darkstores

Swedish grocery leader Ica Gruppen is to open central e-commerce warehouses in the region of large Swedish cities, ICA Sverige CEO Anders Svensson disclosed. The first warehouse, to be opened in Stockholm, will be manual and operated directly by the retailer.
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Ica Gruppen Impresses with Big-Boxes and E-Commerce

The Swedish grocery leader Ica Gruppen has disclosed in its Q3 report that its grocery e-commerce sales increased by 49% during the first nine months of this year. Sales of prepacked grocery bags were up 21% while the bulk grocery selection increased by 59%.
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Ica Gruppen Offers Halloween Vegetables for Kids

The Swedish grocery leader, Ica Gruppen has created a monster themed range of fruit and vegetables for Halloween. The 12 SKU range contains such items as troll noses (potatoes) and zombie brains (cauliflower) and will be available for three weeks.
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Ica Gruppen Buys Lithuania’s Second Grocer

Swedish Ica Gruppen has received the green light from the Lithuanian Competition Authorities to buy the country’s second largest grocer, Palink. Under the conditions of the deal, Ica Gruppen must divest of 17 stores in the country.
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Ica Gruppen Stores Boost Online Sales

Ica Gruppen has disclosed a significant surge in the contribution of grocery e-commerce sales in its Q1 2017 report. Online sales accounted for approximately 2.5% of the total turnover of the ca. 200 connected Ica Gruppen stores in Sweden by the end of the period.
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