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Tesco in Poland: Can it Achieve a Turnaround?

Tesco has achieved an impressive turnaround in its UK business, but its Poland subsidiary remains firmly in the red. Why is Poland so challenging and can it apply learnings from other markets?
Topics: Carrefour Schwarz Group Jerónimo Martins Tesco

Discounters: More to Gain in Western Europe

Photo: LZ Retailytics
Full Steam Ahead: The discounters in Europe will add another 10mn sq m of sales area by 2023.
Topics: Edeka Schwarz Group Jerónimo Martins Aldi X5 Retail Group

Discounters in Search of the Perfect Size

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Extending stores has become crucial to drive future sales growth at discounters.
Topics: Eurospin Schwarz Group Jerónimo Martins Aldi Norgesgruppen

Discounter Battles in Poland

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David against Goliath in Poland: How Lidl pushes is pushing Biedronka into to pursue an upmarket strategy and in a price war at the same time.
Topics: Schwarz Group Jerónimo Martins Aldi Dansk Supermarked

Poland Limits Sunday Trade

From 1st of March 2018 the law restricting Sunday retail trade has come into force in Poland, with the first non-trading Sunday scheduled to be 11th March. Controversial discussions regarding the scope of application had moved the Ministry to publish a Q&A document, explaining the law’s interpretation.
Topics: Jerónimo Martins

Biedronka Records Strong Growth

Discounter chain Biedronka strengthened its market leadership in Poland in 2017 thanks to the opening of more than 100 new stores. It almost doubled net openings versus 2016, reversing the deceleration trend observed in recent years.
Topics: Jerónimo Martins

Discounter Battles in Poland

Discounters in Poland are increasingly evolving their formats towards the supermarket model. However, not all of the key players – Biedronka, Lidl, Aldi Nord and Netto – will be able to keep up with shifting consumer preferences.
Topics: Schwarz Group Jerónimo Martins Aldi Dansk Supermarked

European Commission Investigates Dual Food Quality

The European Commission has found more evidence on the alleged practice of dual food quality in Europe. The number of Central European states admonishing lower food quality for branded items in their countries has risen to six, including the Visegrad group, Croatia and Bulgaria.
Topics: Schwarz Group Jerónimo Martins Aldi

Poland Remains Jerónimo Martins' Centre of Gravity

During its H1 2017 results announcement Portuguese retailer Jerónimo Martins gave some updates on the trading environment in Poland where it holds market leadership.
Topics: Jerónimo Martins

Biedronka Opens an Atypical Store in Krakow

Biedronka has once again opened a store featuring an unconventional sales concept, this time at Krakow’s town square. The upscale store interiors are reminiscent of a premium delicatessen store, with the sales concept artfully interwoven with the architecture. Instead of the typical bright POS marketing of flags, hangers and bright yellow, the colour scheme is limited to white and darker shades of wood.
Topics: Jerónimo Martins