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Russia: Diversification Promises Added Growth

Photo: LZ Retailytics
Top Russian grocers extend their lead by diversifying into new formats.
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Grocers Bet on New Growth Channels

Drugstores, pharmacies and speciality food stores have become European grocers’ fastest growing channels while their non-food formats are struggling. But what are the drivers of this trend and will more grocers turn to new channels?
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Europe: X5 Claims its Place at the Top

There is a new rising star on Europe’s retail horizon. Russian X5 Retail Group, pushing its proximity discount banner Pyaterochka beyond the Urals, will claim its place among the long-standing top 10 grocers by 2022.
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Russia: Local Discounters Challenge X5 and Magnit

Local Russian discounters are strongly anchored in their home turf in Siberia. National leaders X5 and Magnit, with standard commercial concepts and increasing logistics costs face major challenges as they expand in the region.
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Magnit CEO Galitskiy Steps Down

Magnit, the second-largest Russian grocery retailer, has announced the resignation of its long-time CEO, founder and minority-owner Sergey Galitskiy. Following the halving of the company's market capitalisation within the last few months, state-controlled VTB bank has bought a minority share of 29.1% in the company from Galitskiy.
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Dixy Group Prepares for Delisting

Dixy Group announced that it will file an application to delist the company’s shares from the Moscow Stock Exchange. In an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting 80.5% of votes were cast in favour of buying back all company shares.
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Magnit Rolls Out Pharmacy Concept

Magnit will roll out its new pharmacy concept under the 'Magnit Apteka' banner. After running a three-store trial in July this year the retailer now aims to push the store count of its new format to 50 within the next two months.
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Magnit Bargains for Holidey Klassik

Russian number two grocery retailer Magnit may acquire one of the largest multi-format retailers in Siberia, Holidey Klassik. The latter operates almost 500 stores across several formats in the region, with annual gross revenues for 2016 at more than EUR1bn.
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Russia Special #1: Further Market Concentration

This week, LZ Retailytics takes you to Russia. Each day, we will be exploring the different banners which shape the Russian retail landscape. Today we look into the dynamics of the market. By 2021, the six largest Russian grocery retailers will near half of organised trade.
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Magnit Expands Agricultural Production

Magnit plans to strengthen its production arm by acquiring a large-scale farming business in Russia's central federal district. After operating greenhouses on 80 hectares, an additional 700 hectares of farming land will boost the Krasnodar-based retailers capacity to source vegetables for its more than 11,000 stores.
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