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Spain: Seeking a Challenger to Mercadona

Spain is one of the most fragmented grocery markets in Western Europe. Yet, its market leader, Mercadona, records a market share as high as the next four largest grocers combined. Can anyone challenge the Spanish giant?
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Spanish Retailers Make Plans in Portugal

The upcoming quarters are going to be interesting for Spanish retailers looking to develop their presence in neighbouring Portugal, from the pending Mercadona market entry, to Dia looking to establish an e-commerce presence, and Froiz opening new supermarkets.
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Mercadona Strengthens Sales Density Leadership

Supermarket operator Mercadona tops LZ Retailytics 2017 ranking for Spain in terms of retail sales per square metre. With sales expected to reach EUR9,800 per sq m in 2017, this consolidates Mercadona’s market leadership, given it is well ahead of most of its competitors.
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Mercadona turns profits into investments

One year looks much like the next for Spanish market leader Mercadona, with sales up nearly 4% last year. The retailer has one obsession, continually strengthening its model, even if this means a drop in net profits of more than 60% in 2017.
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