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Rewe Group to Shut Down Temma banner

German Rewe Group has decided to discontinue its organic food banner Temma, Lebensmittel Zeitung reports. In January, seven of the nine stores will be closed. Christiane Speck, who built up the format at Rewe Group, will take over the remaining two stores, located in Cologne.
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Billa Gets New Head

Elke Wilgmann has been appointed as a new member of the management board of Billa, Rewe Group’s supermarket division in Austria, effective February 2018. Wilgmann will be responsible for Marketing, Internal Communications, Digital & Innovations and Analytics & CRM.
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Rewe Group Increases Investments For 2018

Rewe Group wants to accelerate its efforts to modernise its store network and logistics; and at the same time invest in digitisation and employee training. Therefore, the Cologne-based retailer intends to increase its investments to more than EUR2bn in 2018.
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Edeka and Rewe Group Think Big

Two of Germany’s leading grocers have provided an update on their current expansion plans. Edeka said it is investing EUR1.9bn this year in its German infrastructure; while Rewe Group reiterated that it is ploughing EUR1.7bn into its bricks-and-mortar network in Europe.
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Supermarkets Celebrate 60th Anniversary

Supermarkets in Germany celebrate their 60th anniversary today: On 26 September 1957, the first self-service supermarket was opened by Herbert Ecklöh, located in a former sports hall in Cologne.
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Rewe Independent Looks to Luxembourg

With one of German retailer Rewe's independent shopkeepers opening a store in Luxembourg earlier this year, LZ Retailytics considers the retail environment and outlook for retailers operating in one of Europe's smallest states.
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Billa Commits to Ukraine

Billa has commited to its Ukrainian business, responding to rumours of a potential market exit. The division run by Rewe Group’s Austrian operation has shut down several outlets in the country. Some of its supermarkets are understood to have struggled, for instance its operation in Odessa.
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Eurelec Gets Going

Eurelec Trading, the sourcing organisation of French E. Leclerc and German Rewe Group, is stepping up its efforts to negotiate the biggest possible number of international brand suppliers. Currently Eurelec is negotiating the buying conditions for France and Germany.
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Rewe Online to Add a Marketplace

Rewe Group is extending its online supermarket in Germany with a non-food offer from partners. In what is said to be a test phase, the retailer will add five external non-food retailers to its offer from early July, creating a marketplace that can later be gradually extended.
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Rewe Strengthens Shop Owners

Rewe plans to reinforce free entrepreneurship in the supermarket division, Lebensmittel Zeitung reports. Its approximately 1,100 independent shopkeepers will in future have the option to purchase the shares in their business held by the group to become the sole shareholder.
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