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S Group to Double Stores in Russia

The Finnish grocery market leader S Group, plans to open up to 20 new Prisma stores in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region by 2022. Currently, the retailer is searching for optimal locations for supermarkets and convenience stores in the region.
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S Group Seeks Estonian Leadership Through Supermarkets

Finnish retailer S Group aims to become the Estonian grocery market leader in the long term, reports Kaubandus, the Estonian trade magazine. By 2022, the retailer plans to add 12 supermarkets to its current eight Prisma hypermarkets in the country.
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S Group Acquires Stockmann Food Courts

S Group has signed an agreement with department store operator Stockmann to acquire its Finnish food courts. The aim is to develop Stockmann’s Delicatessen stores into flagship stores for S Group.
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S Group Lists Tesco Private Labels

S Group has started selling Tesco private labels in its Finnish Prisma, S Market, Alepa and online stores. The Finnish grocery leader’s agreement with the international giant allows it to list around 200 SKUs from the Tesco Finest premium label and the Tesco Free From special interest food line.
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S Group Exits Latvia and Lithuania

The Finnish grocery leader S Group has decided to close its Prisma hypermarkets in Latvia and Lithuania. SOK Consumer Goods Executive Vice President, Jorma Vehviläinen said the market share is not large enough in either country for operations to be profitable and that organic growth would be very challenging going forward.
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