Matthias Queck

Matthias Queck

Research Director

Matthias Queck is Research Director at LZ Retailytics. With 15 years of analysing the grocery retail market and supporting companies in decision making, he is a renowned expert on the industry. He specialises on Aldi, Lidl and the private label developments globally.

At LZ Retailytics, Matthias analyses among other things the national and international operations of the largest Germany-based retail groups.

Before he joined LZ Retailytics, Matthias was Research Director at Planet Retail, responsible for the Western European markets, private label developments and the discount channel. Matthias is a regular commenter on the grocery retail markets in the media.

Before joining Planet Retail in October 2005, Matthias was editor of Lebensmittel Zeitung (LZ) for more than seven years. Also at LZ, Matthias specialised in reports on Discounters and Private Label but was also researching on retailers’ marketing and real estate market.

Before he joined LZ in the year 2000, Matthias was among other things pinoneering digital media on the retail market with his own online platform, reporting on the discounters in Germany.