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LZ Retailytics is the must-have analysis platform for the European grocery retail market.
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LZ Retailytics helps you to identify the hidden growth opportunities in the European grocery market. Updated daily, our senior analysts highlight and benchmark key developments, facts and figures. 

With LZ Retailytics, you can create your own reports in Excel and PowerPoint, get easy access to relevant data and  thousands of pictures from retail stores with just a few clicks.

  • Top-Rankings, charts and analyses
  • Development of sales channels
  • Exclusive and detailed retailer profiles
  • More than 200 pages, facts and analyses

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Get your summary overview – including retail sales, growth rates, number of stores and market shares of the leading grocery players. Only 48 € per poster.

  • Top 50 Grocery Retailers in Europe 2019 and
  • Top 30 Grocery Retailers in Germany 2019

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  • Dive deep into the performance and strategy of retailers or their banner operations
  • Compare any retailer or banner with any other retailers or banners
  • Compile insightful presentations on the grocery retail markets country by country
  • Work even more sophisticatedly with our data

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LZ Retailytics Report Builder: create with just a few clicks your own retailer reports.


LZ Retailytics helps to find key performance indicators for the grocery retail industry.
  • Monitor the grocery retail markets of all 40 countries of geographical Europe
  • Gain deep insight into the strategy and performance of each of the 200+ retailers and their 1,200+ banner operations in 17 retail channels
  • Analyse the development of each retail operation with 730,000 key performance indicators
  • Plan using five-year forecasts, current and past figures for Retail Sales, Number of Stores, Sales Area and Checkouts
  • Assess the performance of each operation using our reliable data on Sales per Square Metre, Sales per Checkout, Like-for-Like Growth and much more
  • Get reliable Market Shares of the retail companies and all their banner country operations
  • Dive deep into the challenges and opportunities of each retailer and banner operation with our Banner Concept Assessment and SWOT Analysis

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  • Find insights on retailers and banners in seconds in meetings, at conferences and while you travel
  • Discuss the developments with your business partners using your tablet computer
  • Use our fully mobile-enabled analytics platform to research and create reports wherever you are
  • Find past, current and future rankings and market shares of retailers and banners in seconds
  • Find photos of stores and shelves from all European banner country operations even on your smartphone

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LZ Retailytics helps to find the key performance indicators for the grocery retail industry from everywhere.

Visit grocery stores from the comfort of your desk: 27,000+ real life in-stores photos.

  • Visit more than 2,500 stores from all grocery retail banner operations across Europe in just a few clicks
  • Look at stores, shelves, facings and prices for specific banners in specific countries
  • Filter our 28,000+ store picture gallery by specific channels, products and categories

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LZ Retailytics – Smart Intelligence for Grocery Retail in Europe 

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 LZ Retailytics – Smart Intelligence for Grocery Retail in Europe