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Hypermarkets: Big Was Beautiful

Photo: LZ Retailytics
LZ Retailytics provides evidence that hypermarkets represent the second largest modern grocery retail channel in Europe. But performances vary significantly between geographies, retailers and store concepts.
Topics: Carrefour Schwarz Group E. Leclerc Lenta Globus

Growing Grocers: Europe’s Hidden High Flyers

Photo: LZ
LZ Retailytics has identified ten small European grocers, outgrowing their much larger competitors.
Topics: Consum Cooperativa Eurospin Maxima Eurotorg ATB Axfood Globus Profi Dino

Germany: A New Era Beyond Price Begins

Photo: LZ
The 2017 ranking of the Top 10 grocers in Germany shows how the strong have been getting stronger.
Topics: Amazon Edeka Lekkerland Rossmann Schwarz Group dm Aldi Rewe Group Globus Metro Group Norma Metro AG Feneberg Budnikowsky

Rewe Presses Ahead as Kaufland Struggles

Rewe and Kaufland are pressing ahead with the roll-out of their new store concepts. While Rewe Group is in a good position for the start of it next year, Schwarz Group’s superstore and big box concept Kaufland is reportedly struggling with temporary losses.
Topics: Edeka Schwarz Group Aldi Rewe Group Globus

Globus’ Growth Driver Remains Russia

German Globus Group, a regional operator of hypermarkets and DIY stores in Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia, saw solid growth in the past financial year mainly due to the positive development of its Russian and DIY operations.
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Globus Considers Opening Smaller Stores in Russia

German hypermarket operator Globus is considering opening smaller stores in Russia, Kommersant reports. The retailer currently operates stores of 10,000 to 12,000 square metres in the market. The sales area of the new stores will be reduced to 5,000 square metres.
Topics: Globus

Globus is Testing Instore Tracking with Trolleys

German hypermarket operator Globus is piloting instore tracking via trolleys in a store in Saarbrücken-Güdingen, Lebensmittel Zeitung reports. Working together with researchers from the Innovative Retail Laboratory, the retailer is seeking to better understand the routes customers take when walking around the store.
Topics: Globus

Globus to Launch Click & Collect in Russia

Germany-based Globus will be introducing a click & collect service in one of its Russian hypermarkets by end-2017. According to the retailer, an international roll-out is a possible scenario.
Topics: Globus

Globus Faces Challenges in Germany

German big-box operator Globus is facing increasing financial difficulties in its home market, Lebensmittel Zeitung reports. The medium-sized big box operator has now had to pay a high single-digit million Euro amount to competitor Real.
Topics: Globus

Fridel Not Yet Ripe For Roll-Out

Hypermarket operator Globus has stepped on the brakes in developing its small store Fridel concept. As reported by Lebensmittel Zeitung, the pilot store, which was opened two years ago in Saarbrücken, has not yet proven convincing enough to justify a roll-out. Processes are not yet ready to be multiplied, and reportedly it is the cost structure of the instore restaurant that is causing headaches for management.
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